Event management made easy

Say goodbye to the days of creating posters and making announcements. You can focus your energy on making your event great, and we'll handle the rest.

All of your events in one place

Put an event in Spirit and it automatically updates all of these communication outlets

Spirit App

Your community can always find the most up to date information in our app

Your Website

Spirit works with your website to keep content up to date, how smart is that

Digital Signage

Spirit automatically updates your digital signage
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Social Media

Spirit creates a website for every event which can be shared on social media


Advanced Event Analytics

This isn’t your grandma’s data

Spirit enables you to analyze your events in real time. Now you can really know if your last pre-game tailgate is worth doing again at the next game.

Spirit lets you know when your students are showing up to events, show you what type of students are attending events (by grade, gender, house), and more.

Need to make a change? Easy

With Spirit, mis-communications are a thing of the past and a last minute change is as easy as a push of a button.

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